Turbulent Jonah 1

Our relationship with God often turns turbulent when we think we have a better perspective than God on culture and people. Jonah’s journey to fulfill the call of God to Nineveh displays the often turbulent emotions we face when we go the opposite direction. Yet God’s response displays the loving and gracious character of God, […]

Overcomers: Tackling Temptation

Everyone is subject to temptation. Being tempted doesn’t make you an evil person, but it reveals the area of weakness that draws us closer to the One who equips us to overcome temptation. Expecting temptation, examining the triggers, equipping ourselves with the tools, and experiencing victory are the keys to tackling temptation in your life.

More Than Mediocre part 1 Pursue Purpose

Have you settled for average. Are you at a point of throwing up your arms and giving up on something or someone? In this message, we are reminded that God has called us to a journey of determined pursuit. Its not time to give in or give up. Its time to press on and move […]

Jesus At The Table of Transformation

The Devil uses circumstances and people to remind you of your inadequacy and sin. His instruments of choice are depression, oppression, consumption, and presumption. The beauty of the Gospel is that while the Devil knows your name but calls you by your sin, Christ forgives your sin as He calls you by name. Zaccheus experienced […]

Jesus at the Table in Emmaus Luke 24:13-33

The resurrection morning left Jesus disciples with many questions. Some of those questions are are relevant today as they were in the first century. Cleopas states “We had hoped,” a statement we find ourselves asking when going through family issues, financial hardships, failure of a business, loss of a loved one, or mental health concerns. Yet through […]

Faith That Works: James 5:1-6 Against Oppression and Inequity

Inequity abounds in our society. However, in James day the inequity was amplified by the oppressionof the wealthy against those who worked for them. James addresses the issue by speaking directly to the culture of oppression, and condemning their lack of empathy. He reminds us of our duty to address inequity as modern day believers.